Half-Caf Blends

Two bags of coffee (one regular, one decaf) pouring coffee beans into a combined half-caf coffee bean pile.

We make a half-caf blend by combining one of our really good regular (caffeinated) coffees with one of our premium decafs. Since we create these custom blends to order, we can combine in almost any ratio, whether you're looking for 1/4 caf, 1/2 caf, or 2/3 caf. (Please note: 2/3 caf, for example, means 2/3 caffeinated coffee and 1/3 decaf coffee- so it would be more caffeine and less decaf.)


Use our new Half-Caf Blend product to order your custom half-caf blend.


How to do it:

You'll see a box on the product page in which to enter the details of your custom partial-caf blend. Please be sure to write which caffeinated coffee, and which decaf coffee you would like combined. If you are looking for a ratio other than 50/50, please be sure to write that too! If you aren't sure which of our decaf coffees would best suit your blend, feel free to give us a call so we can make some recommendations. 


Any Questions? Call or email us and we'd be happy to answer them.