Coffee By Region: Central and South America

Makes sense, right? Central and South American coffees tend to share similarities with other Central and South American coffees! We use coffees grown in the Americas in many of our blends, as the bright, crisp and smooth notes in their flavor profiles fit so nicely with other coffees. They can also be enjoyed on their own. Occasionally sweet, often citrusy, coffees from the Americas are a joy to drink! Find a collection of our Central and South American coffees here:

Colombian Coffee may be the most recognized Central/South American coffee, as it’s readily available at grocery stores. Our Organic Colombia Huila El Bombo Supremo is sure to exceed  your expectations of Colombian coffee. Both MOFGA certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified, our single origin Colombia is tasty and complex. We use only the highest quality beans, grown at high elevations and roasted in small batches here in Kingfield, Maine so what you get is fresh and flavorful. Grocery store Colombian cannot compare.

If you enjoy a Colombian coffee, give Honduras a try. Our Organic Honduras Manos de Mujer is available in both a medium roast, as well as a dark roast. While Colombia has the name recognition, we find that  the production of Honduras coffees tend to be more quality-focused, rather than volume-focused, leading to a cup with richer flavor. The flavor profile of the Honduras is very similar to that of the Colombia, but you may find it to be just slightly sweeter. Looking for a fun experiment? Try both and compare!

The crisp, bright flavors of these coffees are partially caused by the high humidity, heavy rainfall, and nutrient-rich soil of Central and South America. Just as the tomatoes in your garden will have more flavor if your soil is well-composted and watered, coffee cherries end up with strong, South American flavor as a result of the growing conditions. A variety of factors (the coffee plant variety, processing methods, roasting time, and the way you brew) make a difference in resulting flavor, but it all starts with the soil.

Some of our blends that include Central and South American Coffees  include Sunrise Breakfast Blend and Big Carry Organic.