How to Brew Coffee Using a Drip Coffee Pot with a Paper Filter

If you are ordering your coffee pre-ground, choose “Drip/ Paper Filter”
If you order whole bean and grind yourself, you’ll want to grind to a medium consistency


Probably the most common method of brewing coffee, the standard “Mr. Coffee*” style coffee pot should not be overlooked. You may be surprised at how many people buy coffee out of the house, at a coffee shop, every morning because they think it’s too hard to make good coffee at home. Believe it or not, getting a good brew out of your drip coffee pot is usually just a matter switching up your method a little bit. If you like your coffee strong and robust, but your drip pot is producing an anemic, sad cup, take a look at a few different factors:

  1. How fresh is your coffee?
    • We’ll go more in-depth regarding coffee storage in a future post, but if you buy smaller batches, more often, and store in an air-tight container in the freezer or a dark cupboard, your coffee will retain more of its flavor.
  2. How is your coffee ground?
    • Too fine a grind will plug up your coffee machine and leave you with sludge in your final cup. Too coarse a grind will mean less extraction (so your coffee will taste weak). A nice, medium grind is usually perfect for a drip coffee pot.
  3. What is your grinds to water ratio?
    • We, here at the Carrabassett Coffee Company office, recommend a pretty grind-heavy ratio of water to coffee grinds. Most of the time, if you’re not happy with the results coming out of your pot, you just need to use more coffee!
  4. Are you just too familiar with the coffee you’re drinking?


How to brew coffee using a Drip Coffee Pot

  1. Fill coffee pot with water to desired amount (most coffee pots have lines on the side to indicate how many cups of brewed coffee will be produced)
  2. Pour water into water receptacle on the top of the machine
  3. Put Paper filter in place
  4. Measure your coffee grinds. A good ratio is 2-3 level TBS per cup of water. (Adjust this as necessary to taste)
  5. Add grinds to paper filter
  6. Close lid
  7. Press appropriate button for your machine to brew your coffee
  8. Wait until it’s done dripping, then pour and enjoy!



*Pesky Legal Notice: Carrabassett Coffee is not affiliated with Mr. Coffee or Sunbeam Products Inc.