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Well, we finally found one we like! After many requests of when are you going to do k-cups? We've got an answer! The EkoBrew refillable/reusable filter for Keurig k-cup brewers.
We've played around with some of these ourselves plus got some in the hands of our regular local customers and it appears everybody likes 'em.

Advantages over K-cups

  • Greener-reduce waste-make coffee not trash.
  • Fresher Coffee = Better flavor
  • Less expensive-buy coffee not packaging
  • More choices-any coffee we do!

Advantages over Keurig's own refillable "My K cup"

  • no filter holder replacement necessary
  • larger = holds more coffee = fuller flavor in the cup
  • spray cone distributes brew water across coffee surface better = better extraction = better flavor
  • mesh across bottom and only lower third of sides means brew water flows fully through coffee = better extraction = better flavor

*We suggest using a drip grind for the Eko-Brew filter. If you prefer an extra strong cup of coffee you may want to ask for a slightly finer than drip grind and if you prefer a weaker cup of coffee you may want to ask for a slightly coarser grind than drip.

Pesky legal notice... Carrabassett Coffee nor EkoBrew are associated / affiliated with Keurig. Keurig and K-cup are trademarks of Keurig and Green Mountain.

Introductory Special Price only $10.00
(must ship with coffee).

This unit is not compatible with Keurig brewer models: B30, B130, B150, B155 and B3000, Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG5 as well as Keurig 2.0, Vue, or Bolt brewers. See http://www.ekobrew.com/compatibility for a more detailed list of EkoBrew-compatible brewers.
As we're pretty much selling these at our cost, (MSRP is $16.95) we really don't want to ship them by themselves. So, if you're looking just to pick up a couple Ekobrew units without our coffee, we recommend getting 'em from amazon.com (free super saver shipping over $25) or directly from ekobrew.com (free shipping)