Welcome to the new site, there's no order form per se (like we had at the old site). Just find the coffee you want with the search box or any of the menu options, then add that coffee to your shopping cart from that individual coffee's page. After your cart is full, just go to checkout like any other e-commerce site.

Contact Us


You can email us at info@carrabassettcoffee.com


telephone us at 207.265.2326 or toll free at 888.292.2326


You can reach us by the contact form below (note: format of phone number on this form is a little picky, just enter your number with area code, without any parentheses, dots, or dashes).

If you want to order truly "old school" by printing an order out and mailing it in via USPS snailMail, here's a link to a printable order form you can use.