(Hopefully Helpful) Pre-Holiday Season Shipping observations

As we get more into the holiday season, we've already noticed a higher rate of "odd behavior deliveries" for both UPS and USPS plus UPS and USPS taking longer than typical to get from us to you.

Some basic observations:

If we have your email address correct on your order, you'll automagically get the tracking number for your package.

If we have to manually edit something on your address (like our shipping estimator picked the wrong box, wrong carrier, shipping weight needs to be adjusted, or the software simply doesn't like something about the formatting of the address), you may see multiple shipping confirmations when we void out the error and do a proper shipping label.  Don't freak out. In most cases, the last shipping confirmation you receive will be the correct tracking number

If you track your order, and the carrier says they delivered it, but you don't see it, look around a bit. Check alternate entrances to your location, often it's something as simple as front door versus back door, side door or other porch).  The substitute/temporary drivers may leave it somewhere different than your regular driver.  Also, check with the neighbors next door or across the street.  Sometimes the new/temp driver will just leave it at the wrong house. (We see more of these types of hiccups this time of year with the increased volume) Hunting around a little before you call us is often the fastest way so solve the issue. You wouldn't believe the places we've heard of drivers leaving someone's order.... under a tarp on the woodpile, in a derelict car at the end of the driveway (these are two of the most memorable, but you get the idea). If you strike out on hide-N-seek, we stand by to help as much as we can from here.

We try to get your order out as quickly as we possibly can, but once it's been picked up by UPS or USPS, we're somewhat at their mercy. USPS does not guarantee their delivery times, though they're mostly accurate (except when they're not). Both UPS and USPS also handle greatly increased volume of packages this time of year (ie. they make more mistakes this time of year - especially with the use of substitute and seasonal drivers.)