How to Navigate Shipping with Carrabassett Coffee

Every customer has a flat-rate shipping fee based on location. If you order one pound or one-hundred, your shipping rate will not change. Great news for you!

We choose the best way to get you your coffee based on size of your order and shipping rates, so your order may ship USPS Priority Mail or UPS. In general, smaller orders closer to us go Postal Service and larger orders farther away from Maine are more likely to be shipped UPS. So, please provide us with an address where you can receive packages from both the Postal Service and UPS. If this is not possible for you, read on for some options!


PO Boxes:

We know that some of you have PO Boxes. Don’t worry!

Some customers with PO Boxes will provide both addresses in the same block (example below.)


Jane Coffee-Lover

123 Main Street. PO Box 123

Kingfield, ME 04947


This allows us to select the best shipping method based on the package size required for the amount of coffee you order. (We could ship to either 123 Main street with UPS or PO Box 123 with the Postal Service in the example address.)


Shipping Preferences:

Alternately, if you prefer one shipping method over another (or you cannot receive Postal Service mail at your address and you do not have a PO Box), you can request “UPS Only” or “USPS only” when you enter your address. Simply write your request in the “Company” or “Address Line 2” section of your address. You can also use the “Notes” section in the shopping cart to make your request.

Note: If you only enter a PO Box as your shipping address, we will only be able to ship your package through the US Postal Service.


We hope this guide helps you to receive your coffee as quickly as possible. If you have any further questions regarding shipping, feel free to contact us by phone 207-265-2326 or email before placing your order.