Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee- What it Means

Some of our coffees are grown on Rainforest Alliance Certified (RFA) farms.

What it means: The Rainforest Alliance website states that their seal “represents a vision of sustainability between farmers and companies to achieve our mission; creating a better future … by making responsible business the new normal.” The Rainforest Alliance focuses on the ways farmers and companies produce and consume agricultural and forestry products (like coffee!)

In order to be Rainforest Alliance Certified, the coffee must have been produced using sustainable methods and the coffee producers have to show a commitment to continuous improvement.

As part of the RFA Certification process, farmers are taught how to maintain and protect native forests. Cropland can’t extend into forested areas, and the health of the trees, water, and forest soils must be maintained. The Rainforest Alliance certification programs help manage land responsibly, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and build up the soil against droughts or erosion.

In addition, workers on Rainforest Alliance Certified farms are more likely to have higher wages, better working conditions, and PPE (personal protective equipment.) The Rainforest Alliance works toward gender equality in the workforce, rights for indigenous lands, and the cessation of child labor.

We are proud to offer Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee, to support their mission of sustainability and improvement.

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Source: www.rainforest-alliance.org