No Coffee Shortages at Carrabassett Coffee


You may have read some scary headlines about the coffee growing industry lately. Talk of shortages, coffee disease, price increases, and ocean transport delays is scary stuff, especially when it’s your morning routine that’s in jeopardy.


We source our green coffee beans from the same broker we’ve been working with for 20 years. In this industry, relationships like these can make all the difference when supply chains are struggling. Brazil experienced a frost this year, after an extended drought, and prices for green coffee beans are at record highs, so although our brokers have been “pulling their hair out” to get us the premium quality beans we require for our excellent coffee, they’ve pulled through for us. We are still getting top quality coffee to roast here in Kingfield. Your favorite Backdraft Roast is still Rainforest Alliance Certified, and we still have a broad selection of MOFGA Certified Organic coffees. We’re continuing to source our monthly specials from smaller farms and co-ops, in order to provide something a little bit different every month (or so.) We will continue to bring in the best quality coffee we can find, and roast it to perfection every day for you here in Kingfield.


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