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What does it mean to be MOFGA Certified Organic?

MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association) is a USDA accredited certifier for Maine businesses that want to offer certified organic products. We offer a selection of premium quality organic coffees, which are kept separated from our non-organic offerings. Every year, we undergo an inspection to ensure that our organic coffees are stored and processed according to MOFGA and USDA organic certification standards.

The organic coffees we offer are grown on farms that are certified organic, meaning they do not use chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This helps to ensure the health of the soil, the surrounding forest, and the farmers themselves.

Requirements for organic coffee farmers include not having used chemical pesticides or fertilizers for a minimum of three years, having a significant buffer space between their organic crop and any nearby conventionally grown coffee, maintaining records and undergoing inspections to ensure organic standards are being met, and when applicable, maintaining crop rotation to sustain the soil.

Is organic coffee healthier to drink? Most experts agree that any chemical pesticides used on conventional coffee is burned off during the roasting process, so there is very little evidence to suggest that organic coffee is healthier for the consumer. However, when you buy and drink organic coffee, rather than non-organic coffee, you can feel good about the fact that you are supporting the environment, as well as the coffee farmers. Water run-off from organic farms is clean- no added chemicals to the rivers and forests surrounding the farms. The farmers and coffee production workers are protected from exposure to these chemicals, as well as potentially maintaining a higher standard of living for the farmer (Organic coffee is sold at a higher price point than conventional coffee, which can lead to an increase in the farmer’s income.)

Some even argue that organically grown coffee has better flavor than conventional! We certainly enjoy our MOFGA certified organic coffee choices, and offer a broad selection of premium organic coffees including light roast organic coffee, medium roast organic coffee, signature organic dark roasts, decaf organic coffee, organic blends and single origin organic coffees.

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