Low Acid Coffee

Acid in coffee has two different meanings. In the coffee world, we talk about “acidity” as a descriptor of flavor. A high-acid coffee will taste almost sour, or cause your taste buds to “pucker.” We also use phrases like “citrus,” “bright,” or “high notes” to describe coffees with more acid in the flavor notes. A “low-acid” coffee will be more earthy or herbal in its profile.


What most coffee drinkers mean when they talk about coffee acidity is what we call “coffee belly.” Many coffee drinkers are looking for the best low acid coffee that won’t upset their stomach. Luckily, coffees that are considered low-acid in flavor also typically tend to be gentler on the stomach. Many of our Single Origin coffees or Specials will have a flavor description that may include the level of acidity in the coffee. You can read through the descriptions of the coffees you enjoy most, or take a look at the list below to shop low-acid coffees only.

Our low-acid coffees are roasted every week in small batches, and we ship Monday through Friday so that they arrive at your door at peak drinkability. Order some low-acid coffee online today and enjoy your morning cup again.


Lower Acid Coffee Categories:

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Coffees from Indonesia

Coffees from Indonesia or the South Seas are going to be your best bet for a low-acid coffee. They tend to have an earthy or herbal flavor profile and are gentler on the stomach. Learn more about coffees from Indonesia by following this link.

Dark Roasts

Because a dark roast coffee is roasted longer, it breaks down the acidic compounds in the beans, leading to a coffee that’s often gentler on the stomach.

Decaf Coffees

The decaffeinating process removes both caffeine, and other elements from the raw coffee beans. Learn more about the Decaffeinating process by following this link. Decaf coffees are likely to be less acidic as a result.


Our Top Recommendations for Low-Acid Coffees:

Organic Sumatra Gayo French Roast

Organic Sumatra Gayo Medium Roast

Sumatra Mandheling

Organic Timor French Roast

Organic Timor Medium Roast

Brazil Mogiana French Roast