How to Brew Coffee Using the Pour Over Method

If you are ordering your coffee pre-ground, choose “Cone/ Melitta/Fine Grind”
If you are grinding your coffee at home, grind to a medium-fine consistency.

Pour Over Coffee is all about enjoying and celebrating the process of making coffee. With only a little practice, you will be able to make a flavorful cup of coffee that comes out just the way you like it. The speed at which you pour, how long you allow your coffee to bloom, how hot your water is, and the amount of grinds you add to the filter all come together to create a coffee experience unique to you. If you’re impatient, or a multi-tasker in the morning, this method might not be the one for you; (since it’s so hands-on, you can’t be flipping pancakes at the same time as you’re brewing coffee.) But if you revel in the slow, methodic process, you will savor the scent of coffee grinds as you pour steaming water over them, and your resulting cup of coffee will be made just the way you enjoy it most.

Until you’ve found the method that provides you with your favorite cup, go ahead and experiment! Try out different temperatures of water- just remember that the hotter the water, the quicker your coffee will extract (and the greater potential for a bitter brew). Experiment with adding more or less grinds to your filter. Try out medium roasts and dark roasts. Pour your water quickly and slowly. Each method will provide you with a different flavor in your final cup, and what’s “best” is a matter of preference. Have fun with it! Like we said, pour over is a celebration of the coffee making process.

You can use any coffee for the pour over method. If you’re not sure where to begin, or are looking for a new coffee to try, check out this list of our most popular coffees.

The basic method for making Pour Over coffee is listed below.

How to Brew Coffee using the Pour Over Method

  1. Heat your water to just boiling
  2. Add filter and pre-wet it
  3. Measure your coffee grinds- a good starting ratio is 1 Tablespoon grinds to 1 cup of water
  4. Add grinds to filter
  5. Pour just a little bit of water into grinds to wet them and allow to sit for about 30 seconds to “bloom”
  6. Slowly pour hot water over grinds in a circular motion
  7. Allow coffee to slowly drip into your cup or carafe. This should take about one minute
  8. Enjoy your coffee!