How to Brew Coffee Using an AeroPress

If you are ordering pre-ground, choose “Aeropress/Moka Pot/ Steam Pressure Espresso”
If you order whole bean and grind yourself, you’ll want to grind this coffee just slightly coarser than you would for an Espresso machine (still very fine)


An AeroPress* is a handy way to brew a single cup of coffee. A portable, space-saver, as long as you have a way to heat up water, you can make a great cup of coffee with an Aeropress! This is a particularly handy item for a college student since many dorms don’t allow drip coffee pots. The coffee brewed with an Aeropress is rich and has a stronger flavor intensity than coffee brewed with the drip method, so it’s a good choice for anybody looking to make a single cup at a time!

Potential downside: the  Aeropress does require a sturdy, stable mug. It takes a decent amount of force to press the coffee through, so a flimsy or tall mug could potentially tip over, making your coffee spill everywhere. Nobody wants that! So choose a good cup to brew your coffee into and you’ll be just fine.

Any coffee can be brewed using an Aeropress (whether light, dark, or medium roast) but if you choose to use a dark roast coffee, you will want to more closely monitor the temperature of your hot water. If you use water that is too hot (anything above 175 degrees Fahrenheit) it will cause the dark roast coffee to become very bitter. Brewed properly, a dark roast coffee can taste just as good as a medium or light roast, it’s just a matter of your preference. The Aeropress will emphasize flavor notes in your coffee more than the drip method of brewing so bright medium roasts will be brighter through an Aeropress, and you may find a more complex flavor in a dark roast. It’s a great idea to try different coffees through your Aeropress and keep track of what you like best.

Browse our selection of medium roast coffees here.

Our method for brewing with an Aeropress does differ slightly from the instructions on the Aeropress official website. We have found that our brewing method creates less mess, fewer opportunities for spilling, and offers consistently excellent results. That being said, try it both ways and see what works best for you!           


Our Method to Brew Coffee Using an Aeropress

  1. Heat your water to just boiling (175 degrees for a dark roast coffee or 180 or 185 degrees for a medium roast)
  2. Insert plunger into Aeropress and pull back slightly to create a seal
  3. Add one rounded scoop of grinds to chamber
  4. Add hot water up to level 1 on the chamber (increase scoops and water to equal proportions as desired)
  5. Stir vigorously for about ten seconds
  6. If desired, allow to sit for up to 90 seconds
  7. Wet paper filter
  8. Add paper filter to cap
  9. Twist filter cap onto chamber
  10. Place sturdy mug upside-down over filter cap, then invert the entire contraption
  11. Press plunger down slowly and gently, increasing in speed as you go, until plunger reaches grinds
  12. Remove Aeropress from cup as soon as you hear the “hiss”
  13. Add hot water to mug to fill up to 8 oz (if desired)
  14. Enjoy your coffee!

*pesky legal notice: Carrabassett Coffee is not associated or affiliated with AeroPress Inc.