How to Brew Coffee Using a Moka Pot

If you are ordering our coffee pre-ground, choose “Aeropress/Moka Pot/ Steam Pressure Espresso”
If you order whole bean and grind yourself, you’ll want to grind this coffee just slightly coarser than you would for an Espresso machine.

The Moka Pot: This handy little, Italian, stove-top coffee brewer makes the closest thing to an espresso, without the skills needed to run an espresso machine. The moka pot brews in small servings: one or two cups of coffee at a time. If you’re consistently brewing coffee for the masses, this may not be the method for you, as you need to allow the pot to cool between each brew. But if you are looking for a strong, flavorful cup of coffee for just a few people, you can’t go wrong with a moka pot. The only downside may be that you have to stay in the kitchen while your coffee is brewing. Unlike a drip coffee pot, if you walk away from the moka pot, your coffee could overheat and burn, producing a bitter flavor. That being said, coffee brewed with a moka pot is rich and flavorful, and so easy to get right!

As the brew produced by a moka pot is similar to espresso, it’s traditional to use a darker roast coffee, however, this is a matter of taste. There is no rule saying a medium roast coffee can’t be brewed in a moka pot. Be aware that coffees will come through the moka pot with higher flavor intensity, and therefore, higher-acid coffees can end up tasting too bright, or sometimes even sour. Blends that include dark-roast beans can be particularly pleasing when brewed through the moka pot. You might discover new flavor notes in the same coffee, after brewing with a moka pot rather than a regular drip coffee pot. So, if you have a moka pot at home (or if we’ve convinced you to get one), try out a variety of our coffees and see what you like best!

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Follow these simple steps to brew coffee with a Moka Pot

  1. Fill bottom chamber with water to interior line
  2. Place metal filter into bottom chamber
  3. Fill metal filter loosely with grinds
  4. Screw on the top part of the Moka pot and tighten
  5. Place on burner and turn stove to high
  6. Turn off burner when you hear the Moka pot begin to bubble
  7. Let sit until the top section is full (you’ll hear it stop bubbling)
  8. Pour and enjoy!