Coffee by Region: Indonesia


If you're looking for a full-bodied, earthy and herbal cup of coffee, you can't go wrong with an Indonesian, or South Seas region coffee. Due to differences in harvesting methods as well as variable timing in processing as it comes down out of the hills for final milling, you can expect to find a bit more variability in flavor among the different coffees from the Indonesian Region. Give each one a try and see what you like best!  Follow the link to try a South Seas Region coffee:


Many Indonesian coffees, (especially Sumatras), use a unique process called wet hulling (or giling basah) to process the coffee fruits into green coffee beans. This process yields a heavy, syrupy body without a lot of brightness or acidity. We will discuss  processing methods in more detail in future articles, but for now, let’s just say that this particular processing method for Indonesian coffee can lead to an interesting cup.

Sumatra is the most well-known Indonesian coffee, as it’s been made famous by big-name coffee franchises. We offer both Organic and Conventional Sumatras, as well as a Decaf! So, there’s something to suit any taste! Our Organic Sumatra Gayo is available in both a Medium Roast, as well as a French Roast. (A French Roast is a Dark Roast Coffee). Our Conventional Sumatra Mandheling is a medium roast; it features light acidity and full body. Because we select only the best coffee beans (whether organic coffee or conventional), and roast our coffee in small batches, our single origin Sumatra coffees will have the freshest and strongest flavor. Big-Name coffee brands cannot compare.


If you’ve had a Sumatran coffee before, and enjoyed it, you should try the Organic Timor. Also available in a French Roast or a Medium Roast, the Timor is known for its deep flavor profile and solid body. It makes a rich cup, and you won’t be disappointed by the depth of earthiness and the medium/low acid profile. We can’t say it’s the best coffee in the world, but only because individual tastes vary so differently! Some people love the earthiness of Indonesian coffees, while others prefer the citrusy notes of South American coffee, or the fruitiness of a single origin African coffee. Still, others prefer to drink only signature blends. We always say, here in the Carrabassett Coffee Company office, that trying to describe flavor is like dancing in color. You can compare, but to really understand the distinctive flavors of Indonesian coffees, you really just have to try them!


Some of our coffee blends that feature Indonesian Coffees are West Branch Organic and Mountain Espresso.